18 December 2009

Black Hole of Atlanta

Everyone who has driven in, through, out of, around, under?, or even beside the city of Atlanta knows how crazy the traffic can be. In fact, civil authorities have tried to theoretically make things easier by creating bypasses. I saw a cartoon one time making fun of this effort with a drawing of a car trying to get through it all. Above the car were signs marking the different bypasses and one that read, "285555 Bypass around all the bypasses." Below the cartoon, it said, "Soon, to get through Atlanta, you'll have to drive around the entire state of Georgia"!

Well, recently (just before Christmas), on a trip to my brother-in-law's family's house, north of Atlanta, we made the mistake of pulling off for a potty break, or gas, or something, at Jimmy Carter [Rd?] exit. There is nothing wrong with this neighborhood, except that at the actual exit, there is no potty, or gas, or anything . . . and the traffic (and the traffic lights) are worse than even normal in Atlanta. Therefore, Mr. President, your namesake's road's exit off 85 has earned the dubbing, "Black Hole of Atlanta" . . . by me anyway; and everyone I mentioned our experience to who has been there has agreed.

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