05 January 2010

Monkey Man

While on our visit to Atlanta (we met up with Kelly's brother's family, then traveled down to Disney World - you can see an account of that at our family blog at chopstickstimes6.blogspot.com) - I had to get out of bed in the middle of the night to attend to our 8 month old (at the time) daughter, who was screaming from hunger and (as you'll see I found out later) a dirty diaper.

So I get the bottle ready for her and begin feeding her, but she's still fussy. Then I realize that I smell something. Of course I'm experienced enough by now to realize how this is all about to go down, but at 2 AM I'm not with it enough to figure out a better way to tackle it all . . . so I commence trying to change her diaper while I'm feeding her. Obviously, I cannot achieve this while holding her in my arms; so, while holding her bottle in her mouth with my chin (many of you have seen me do this while trying to do other things, like grab one of my other three kids), I grabbed a diaper, then I gently laid her on the floor. As I tried to then remove her old diaper, I realized I could not see what I was doing with my chin holding the bottle!

I then suddenly remembered I had feet! I sat up as I held the bottle with my hands. Like a monkey! Then I placed a foot on either side of the bottle so that I could see (between my legs!) to change her diaper. It was awkward, indeed, but I finally achieved the desired result. Lauren smiled a few times in the process as if to tell me she thought I was hilarious (I'm sure I looked it); and there you have it - the Tale of the Monkey Man!

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