30 November 2009

Curse of the Nondark

I actually got back out of bed to write all this (in fact it’s actually after midnight, the morning of the 27th, but anyway . . .). Kelly saw one of Benjamin’s glow-in-the-dark shirts tonight, and this of course bothered her. You see, Kelly inspires me to write of:

The “Warrior Woman (Kelly) and the Curse of the Nondark”—really . . . she’s cursed with getting annoyed at the slightest, infinitesimal speck of light in the room when she goes to bed. It’s a phenomenon that has fascinated me since we were married. What’s funny is that most people actually close their eyes when they go to bed, and so most never see anything once their eyes are shut; but apparently Kelly likes to keep her eyes open to be aware of any unknown object which might dare to bequeath a lapse of darkness onto the night.[1]

(Kelly means "Warrior Woman") -- I don't know if I could turn this into an entire book, but perhaps a chapter in my book The World Needs a Nap (see previous post). I really do like writing; but of course, it's difficult to find the downtime.

In all seriousness, Kelly really does have a difficult time sleeping in a room that has any light. She also has a history of migraines, and these are hard for her to get rid of if she can't take a nap in a very dark room; and sometimes they're in fact caused by her lack of sleep (often from being in a room with a bit of light). I pray we're able to get our bedroom in Asia dark enough for her, so that she can remain headache free.

[1]First two paragraphs are excerpted my personal, non-online journal, entry dated 26 May 2009.

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