28 October 2009


Main Entry: interior [1]
Function: noun
Date: 1596
1: the inner or spiritual nature : character 2: the interior part (as of a country or island) 3: the internal or inner part of a thing : inside 4: the internal
affairs of a state or nation 5: a representation (as in a play or movie) of the interior of a building

Jonathan's Interiors is the name I gave to my personal journal.
I will try to be as transparent as possible. However, I’ve heard of too many people getting themselves into trouble by throwing certain thoughts into the public domain without giving themselves a chance to wisely discriminate their choice in expression.

While I applaud the courage it takes to be so brutally honest with their thoughts and actions, I have to think that I might avoid certain unnecessary strife by keeping my rawest thoughts safe in my own private files. While my online version as displayed here has undergone significantly more screening and discretion before being published, I still hope and intend for it to reflect my inner thoughts and emotions.
http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/interiors [accessed May, 2008]

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